Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Faith Sisters

Faith Sisters is having a Designer Call contest and right now there are BEAUTIFUL kits available FREE for download! CHECK IT OUT HERE! The theme is April Showers Bring May Flowers! More than 20 free minikits up for grabs! Be sure to thank the designers for their hard work!

Here is a layout I made today using one of the kits (by Glayce). I had a very sudden moment of missing my father, and had to write my feelings down. He passed away at his workplace in 1996, of a sudden heart attack. I was living in England at the time, so I got the news a few hours after I finished work for the day. I managed to get home to Canada less than 48 hours later. It seems so long ago, almost 13 years, but some days, like today, it feels like it was yesterday. I felt much better after 'penning' my thoughts and decided to scrap the letter for keeps.

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