Thursday, May 15, 2008

There are SO many great websites out there for digital scrapbooking, it would take me DAYS to list them all... But there are a few I have stumbled across that are excellent resources for help, freebies, and sharing. One of them is Scrap Orchard. This week, for example, there is a contest on for members to create and design mini-kits - which are available FREE to all members! It is free to sign up and then the kits are ready and waiting :) Check it out!

Something else to try for fun is MyTheme Online Photo Editor. If you do not have a good photo editing program and do not want to spend $$$$$$ when you just want to try some simple things, this is a good site to try. You can make all sorts of changes to your photos, enhancing, changing, bordering, and lots of really crazy fun alterations. Sometimes it can be a little hard to navigate but remember that it is FREE! So no complaints lol.
This is a quick layout I did using the freebie kit Nostaligia, by Digiscrapalicious, at Scrap Orchard.

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