Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Blog Train

In case you somehow have not seen the blogs with this GREAT Summer's End Blog Train, please hurry and try to get the pieces! Here is a link to Krissy's Scraps' Blog where you will find her contribution as well as a list of all the other blogs :) It is pretty cool! Click on Krissy's Preview :)

As for me, I am sorry I haven't had too many freebie links up here lately! It's been crazy busy around here. The kids start back to school tomorrow, Matthew is teething (oh joy lol), my brother was in town all weekend, we had Matt's cousin's birthday party, I hit Costco for some great shopping, and now I am wayyyy behind! The only reason I have been able to get anything done at all is because Kevin (the oldest) is a big help lol. Calvin has been working every single day since we got back from holidays so he is ZZZzzzing by 9pm and that is the only reason I get any work at all done on the computer LOL. I also just started Creating for Sea Scraps YAY and have been getting ready to work with 4 kits. Scrap Factor week 5 has begun at DesignsInDigital, and I also have a new CT designer to work with from there this month (Honie Designs) as well as Scrap It Sassy, Scrappy Thoughts, plus Tink and Tigerlily.

OH BOY am I going to be busy lol. I can't wait to get started but was also moving my older son's room downstairs today. He is excited about his new bachelor pad (because it won't be right next to his sister's anymore lol). Now I just want to nap..... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

No, I'm awake LOL. I am also working on a new kit because a DID Challenge Owner asked me to make a kit for a Challenge she has coming up in October!!! People would use my kit to make...... oh I can't tell you :) It's a secret for now! So that is exciting :)

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